Cincinnati Police Stations - A Brief Illustrated History

Cincinnati Police Stations - A Brief Illustrated History takes you on a visual tour of the station houses and other buildings which have served the Cincinnati Police Department as it had served the community.

With more than sixty images and information on more than three dozen buildings,

Cincinnati Police Stations - A Brief Illustrated History, fills a gap in the knowledge of Cincinnati Police Department's storied  history.


No other book provides such a comprehensive history of Cincinnati's station houses, patrol houses, and other facilities. 

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No Witnesses-The Story of Robbery and Murder at the Cabinet Supreme Savings and Loan, is the award-winning true crime story of mass murder in suburban Cincinnati. Three small time thieves, thinking they would strike it rich murdered four women to ensure there would be "no witnesses."


The story of the victims, their families, the community, the police, and the killers is told from the inside in taut writing and attention to detail

Written by veteran journalist Kate March with retired police chief Howard Makin.  

Alan wrote the introduction, edited, and published No Witnesses.


No Witnesses was honored by Writer's Digest for its readibility, detail, and passion.

Available in paperback, hard cover, or as an eBook.


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Cop Tales - Four Stories of Police Work - Taken from the streets, these are the stories cops tell each other sitting alone in a safe place.
These are the stories they won't tell at home.


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Four Corners  - Four Short Stories  is a collection of short fiction by Alan.

Available in multiple eReader formats


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Cincinnati Police History, by Christine Mersch, features an Introduction written by Alan.


The introduction outlines the history of the Cincinnati Police Department

from its inception as a Night Watch in 1803 to the present.


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Howdunit, edited by retired police sergeant and author John Boertlein,

was published by Writer's Digest Books

Alan contributed to Howdunit  the chapter titled, "The American Criminal Justice System."  It is a primer on the structure of the criminal justice system in the United States.  


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